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Meeting Dr Anh – the Female plastic surgeon

It doesn’t matter how you know her – as Dr Anne, Dr Anh, Dr Ahn or Dr Ann… Dr Anh is still your dedicated and passionate plastic surgeon

Dr Anh believes that women should celebrate their accomplishments and be proud of their shape and size. As a woman, she appreciates that women may feel doubtful and self-conscious when it comes to their appearance and that this can have a damaging impact on their self-esteem and confidence.

She offers in-depth consultations for all of our surgical procedures so that you can feel fully informed to make the right decision when it comes to your body and any alternations that you wish to make. Dr Anh is here to be your helpful guide and to make you knowledgeable about every aspect of your procedure from pre-emptive choices to the end result.

Many patients feel confused about the spelling of Dr Anh

We often get questions asking if this is the right surgeon you’re looking for because of the spelling of Dr Anh’s name.

Well, there are many different spellings of Dr Anh, including:

  • Dr Anh
  • Dr Anne
  • Dr Ahn
  • Dr Ann

All of these can lead you to our website and our procedures. No matter how you spell it you can rest assured you will be meeting with a plastic surgeon that has advanced procedures, training and experience and passion for your goals. Booking a consultation with Dr Anh is simple and obligation free simply:

CALL US ON 08 9468 7148

or you can request a callback with Dr Anh below.