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Stop Putting Up with Painful Sex

A number of Australian women are suffering from a condition most are too embarrassed to discuss, regain your self-confidence with the MonaLisa Touch.

Many Australian women are suffering from painful intercourse (dyspareunia), which makes it difficult or in some cases impossible to take part in a satisfying sex life. One reason numbers of women are experiencing this uncomfortable condition is vaginal atrophy.

Vaginal atrophy leads to changes in the function and structure of the vagina. Often caused by changes in hormone levels related to menopause, vaginal atrophy can also be a result of decreased oestrogen production. Contributing factors can include; cancer treatments (chemotherapy or radiotherapy), the surgical removal of ovaries, forced menopause and breastfeeding.

Decreased hormone levels can lead to the thinning and lack of elasticity of the vaginal skin. Reduced blood flow, loss of natural lubrication and changes in the natural pH balance in the area are all by-products which can cause symptoms such as vaginal itching, burning sensations, dryness and thrush like symptoms, incontinence, weak bladder, prolapse and laxity.  These are all symptoms which can have great influence on a woman’s self-esteem and limit her ability to have an intimate relationship.

In the past, treatment options have been limited for those suffering the condition. Treatment has largely consisted of the use of oestrogen creams. Women who have suffered breast cancer or have a history of abdominal blood clotting, however, are unable to use hormone-replacement products. Others simply do not feel comfortable with the thought of hormone replacement creams.

It is a common misconception that older women are the only ones affected. Younger women including those breastfeeding, also experience symptoms when oestrogen deficient. In a number of cases, they suffer a lack of natural lubrication, stress-induced incontinence or pain during sex.

However, a treatment is now available to counteract vaginal atrophy, meaning women should not suffer any longer. MonaLisa Touch is a non-surgical laser treatment offered at Dr Anh’s plastic surgery, based in Perth. Depending on the particular case the treatment is able to be performed in as little as ten minutes.

The procedure works by altering the collagen production underneath the skin; this is done through promoting the proliferation of cells. The laser treatment works to restore the strength and blood supply to the area, bringing back sensation. The procedure itself involves the use of the Vulvo-Vaginal Laser Reshaping laser (V2LR); this is inserted into the vaginal opening.  Microscopic laser beams are applied to the vaginal walls, treating the tissue and mucosa. New tissue and collagen will begin to generate over the ensuing thirty days, creating a tighter and stronger structure. The mucosa also begins to rehydrate, restoring volume and elasticity to the vaginal walls.

With treatment being tailored to your individual skin type, Dr Anh ensures you will be receiving the best treatment to suit your very needs. Suitable for most patients, Dr Anh has seen patients and their partners over the moon with renewed self-confidence and revitalised sex lives.

Research has shown that around half of Australian women will suffer from a number of these symptoms over the course of their life, with the majority too embarrassed to discuss the issue with their doctor. It is time for Australian women to stop suffering and receive the treatment they deserve. Just like men who suffer from sexual dysfunction, women should feel entitled to take steps to improve their sex lives.

If you would like to discover more about MonaLisa Touch and other vaginal rejuvenation procedures offered by Dr Anh, download our free info pack.