Anh Nguyen

Now to Love Names Dr Anh a Top Skincare Brand for Mums

Moms don’t always have it easy and your skin is one of the first areas to show signs of a hectic lifestyle. From a lack of sleep and dehydration to hormonal fluctuations, your skin goes through some major changes as a mum, which is why Now to Love decided to provide readers with their top […]

Anh Nguyen

Dr Anh Named One of Renae Leith-Mano’s Travel Beauty Essentials

It’s not always easy to find travel-sized beauty products that are effective and go a long way, so Sydney-based writer, mom and traveller, Renae Leith-Mano, decided to share her go-to brands with her fans and followers. Dr Anh’s travel-sized skincare products are one of Renae’s preferred brands because they keep her skin blemish-free and help […]

Dr Anh

What is a Breast Lift?

Are you looking to restore your youthful silhouette? Pregnancy, breastfeeding and growing older can take a toll on the position of breasts that now sag and droop. Not only can these breast changes have a marked impact on the way that you see yourself in the mirror, but they can have a negative impact on […]

Anh Nguyen

Back to School, Back to You

You did it! You made it through the summer. You’ve earned these congratulations because summer, for most mums, is not a vacation. On top of everything you already do for your family, you now have childcare on top of it all to boot! You love your kids, but finding activities that please all ages — […]

Anh Nguyen

Empower by Dr Anh

We can all see the beauty in others. We can all be wowed by the achievements of others. We can all admire the kindness of others. We can all look for the positives in others. But for some reason… most women just cannot see it in themselves. We are hard on ourselves. We criticise our […]