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Who: Anti-Ageing Secrets for the Décolletage

Just when you thought you had your skincare and anti-ageing routine down pat along come those sneaky lines on the décolletage that make you go ‘Hmm…’

But why is this area (and the neck) so prone to wrinkles and ageing?

Short answer: the skin is different in this area. “The epidermis around your chest and neck is very thin,” explains Samantha Wilson, founder of Skin Republic.

“There is very little subcutaneous fat cushioning the area and also limited melanocytes – the cells that protect our skin from UV rays. It is also usually, along with our face, the most exposed part of the body and equally as prone to sun damage.”

“Wearing sunscreen every day is imperative to protect and prevent further damage,” warns Dr Anh Nguyen, plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Dr Anh Medispa in Perth.

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