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Now to Love: Open Letter – Plastic surgeon defends dramatic before-and-after transformation photos

Australia’s plastic surgeons are currently under fire from their own industry for promoting their work on Instagram, with one of the country’s top surgeons coming down hard on his colleagues for posting “sexualised” before-and-after photos on Instagram.

But some of our most popular plastic surgeons, who use Instagram to show potential clients exactly what they can expect from expensive surgeries such as breast augmentation and popular “mummy makeovers”, are firing back, arguing they’re simply giving patients exactly what they want – transparency.
Now one of Australia’s most respected and in-demand female plastic surgeons, Dr Anh Nguyen, exclusively tells Now To Love why showcasing her – admittedly, sometimes jaw-dropping – before-and-after patient transformation photos on social media isn’t just about self-promotion, but about helping women make informed choices about their bodies.

Read her open letter here