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The West Australian: Liposuction technique ‘abdominal etching’ grows in popularity despite $10k price tag

Men and women are paying up to $10,000 for a special liposuction technique that aims to create a fake six-pack out of belly fat.

A study in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal has endorsed “abdominal etching” as safe and effective.

Anh Nguyen, who offers it at her Perth and Burswood clinics, said abdominal etching was not widely done in WA but she expected it could become more popular.

“More and more men are delving into plastic surgery and are concerned about their body with the gym culture,” Dr Anh said. “It’s a good technique if used on the right patient.

“You’re never going to give someone a six-pack who is overweight and needs to do other things but I think you can certainly create sculpting and contour.”

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